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Specialist consultants in early intervention, child development and disability.

Bamboo Kids was built on a strong belief that quality early intervention therapy programmes have the power to change lives. They can scaffold a deep change within children and their families by providing  one on one, home based intervention. I pride myself on going above and beyond for families, ensuring they are supported holistically both at home and at school or daycare.  

At Bamboo Kids I use a best practice approach to early intervention utilising both behaviour based interventions as well as relationship and routine based ones. This enables me to enhance learning and cognitive processes as well as encourage  your child’s drive to engage and relate to people around them and their environment. 

I support a range of children such as those with:

- Autism Spectrum Disorders 

- Developmental Delays and Disabilities 

- Behavioural challenges 

- Childhood Anxiety 

- Learning difficulties 


Rhia Fenech

B.A. (Psych).  M. Health Sciences (Developmental Disabilities).  Director & Early Intervention Specialist 

Ms Fenech completed her Masters at the University of Sydney and has had specialised training in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delays, behaviour management and childhood anxiety programs. 

She has supported children with a variety of needs for over 12 years and is extremely passionate about advocating for children and giving them a voice.

She  has held a variety of positions over her career such as Director and Owner of Bamboo Kids South Africa, Co-ordinator for the ADOS Diagnostic Clinic (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, Johannesburg. 

In 2015 she co-founded LEAD Kids, a high quality preschool for children with additional needs in Johannesburg. 

When she returned to Australia in 2016 she opened Bamboo Kids Aus where she has been providing home based, family centred early intervention to local northern Sydney families. Rhia also works for a non-for profit disability based organisation providing early intervention to families over Northern Sydney.



Early Intervention - Individualised Programs

Early intervention therapy can take place in the home, daycare or school. Often a mixture of these will be used to ensure that skills are generalised across settings and to assist daycares and school in supporting your child to the best of their ability.

After an initial assessment a program is designed specifically for your child. 

Programs incorporate a range of approaches, as well as focusing on capacity building the team around your child. 


Inclusion Support

Many children require inclusion support at daycare, preschool or school. Inclusion support aims to capacity build and work in partnership with the team around your child,  and develop your child's strengths. 

I support a range of skills such as social skills, behaviour and anxiety management. 


Behaviour Management

Behaviour management programs are designed to target behaviours that are disruptive or challenging. 

Specialist support for children with:

- Autism Spectrum Disorders 

- Developmental Delays 

- Emotional challenges

- Oppositional Behaviour 


Social Skills

Social Skills sessions are for children who become uncomfortable and stressed in social situations.

I use the PALS social skills program and the LEGO program. Both are researched based programs which scaffold the development of social skills. 


NDIS Funding

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is available to individuals with a permanent and significant disability to support their access to services.

Families who are self-managed or plan managed are able to use their NDIS funds to access services through Bamboo Kids. 

I also provide support for families who are unsure about how to best prepare for their NDIS meeting. 

For more information about how we can help address  your child's goals please contact us. 


Key Worker

The Key Worker model is engrained in the services I provide:

- Coordinating your child's team across difference services 

- Supporting you through accessing NDIS and reviews 

- Supporting you in advocating for your child 

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